Electronic Village Online session on Teaching Listening

Posted: December 14, 2016 in ELT methodology, Listening
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Have you ever heard of EVO (Electronic Village Online)? These are five-week free professional development sessions that take place at the beginning of every year.

This year I’m extremely excited to invite you to an EVO session on Teaching listening that was developed by Lizzie Pinard, Elena Wilkinson, Jennie Wright, Sheila Thorn, Richard Cauldwell, Richard Chinn, Marina Kladova and me.


The topics we’re going to cover are:

  • encouraging autonomous listening out of class
  • the structure and the dos and don’ts of a traditional listening lesson
  • beyond the comprehension approach: critical thinking and high order thinking (HOT) listening tasks
  • classroom activities and tech tools for teaching listening decoding skills

This is going to be an very practical session and every week the participants will get the chance to

  • share and discuss their experience and tips teaching a particular aspect of listening with English teachers from around the world,
  • read articles and watch videos on the week’s topic and
  • design a listening activity informed by research, try it out and get feedback from other participants and session moderators.

Over the course of five weeks, the participants will also expand their knowledge of online resources and tech tools for teaching listening.

To read more about our syllabus, the team of moderators and for the information how to enrol, visit this page. If you’d like to connect and discuss teaching listening matters with other session participants on Facebook, feel free to join our group.

Also, check out the remaining 15 exciting EVO sessions on a variety of topics, including using QR Codes in ESL/EFL classes, experiential learning for teacher trainers, using technology for Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), teaching English to young learners, using Minecraft to teach English, conducting classroom-based research, teaching pronunciation differently, and more. 

Hope to see you at EVO 2017!

  1. Davinna Artibey says:

    So excited about this! I just learned about you, am in my combined MA/Delta program after reading Lizzie’s review of it and recently did my Delta LSA2 on listening, so it’s exciting to see Thorn and Cauldwell are a part of this. Sounds like a rich learning experience. Thank you for putting this together!

    • olyasergeeva says:

      Hello Davinna,
      Thank you! I’m really looking forward to the session too!

      Congratulations on doing the Delta/MA course! My LSA2 was also on teaching listening. 🙂 Did you focus on listening decoding skills or on a different aspect?


      • Davinna Artibey says:

        I focused on decoding skills, which was so satisfying because I’d never taught listening that way before.

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