My name is Olya Sergeeva. I’m an English language teacher and a teacher trainer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. I teach IT people in-company, where I also run in-service professional development courses for fellow language trainers. I’m also a CELTA trainer (LT-Pro) and a local Delta tutor with NILE.

My main interests include:

  • teaching authentic listening (I’m the creator of TubeQuizard.com, a listening service that created listening decoding quizzes based on YouTube videos)
  • learner autonomy
  • English for IT professionals
  • spoken discourse, spoken grammar and the way interpersonal communication is realized through language
  • language acquisition, and in particular explicit/implicit knowledge and what this means in terms of classroom methodology
  • using technology
  • teacher training

This blog started out after I finished Delta Modules 1 and 2, as the latter left me with more questions than answers. So in this blog I’ve been looking for the answers – experimenting (both as a teacher and as a learner of German), writing about ideas that I’ve tried out that might or might not have worked.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂 Olya

Also, feel free to connect on other networks:
LinkedIn profile
email: olyaelt at gmail

  1. Yuliya Gamza says:

    hi Olga! i completely share your “slightly crazy” ideas about language learning and teaching! i myself always try to keep ‘upgraded” with all different kinds of strategies I can apply at my lessons!
    looking forward to seeing you on “shaping the way we teach english” course!)

  2. Hi Olga, I was on your site a few months back and I found a photo you’d posted of a tense review class where you had the board full of all the tenses, their uses and examples but now I can’t find it. I want to do something similar, could you point me in the right directions? Thanks a lot, your blog is a great help.

  3. j3ssm3ss says:

    Hi Olga, sorry for bombarding you with messages! I tried out some of your listening techniques with an advanced classes with mixed results, and had some further questions regarding your approach. Do you think yo might have time for a quick skype or messenger chat about your methods in more detail? Would love to share some ideas and see what you think.

    • olyasergeeva says:

      Hi, yes, absolutely! Could you add me on skype (olga_sergeeva@epam.com)? I’ll be online in a few hours, and I’d love to have a chat. Thanks a lot for your feedback and your ideas (I’m going to use some of your ideas that your described in the comments with my low level students).

    • j3ssm3ss says:

      Olya sorry!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing your ELT experience, so valuable!

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