My name is Olya Sergeeva. I’m an English language teacher who’s very interested in language acquisition and ELT methodology (which will be evident from the title of this blog!) Apart from teaching, I’m also involved in teacher development (in the company where I work I oversee professional development of a team of language trainers, and I also recently became a CELTA trainer).

This blog started out after I finished Delta Modules 1 and 2, as the latter left me with more questions than answers. So in this blog I’m looking for the answers – experimenting (both as a teacher and as a learner of German), writing about ideas that I’ve tried out that might or might not have worked. I’ll also write about some changes I’ve done to my teaching after doing the Delta and contemplate what effect they had.
Apart from language acquisition, I’m fascinated by authentic listening (John Field’s ideas) – I’ve been blogging quite a lot about listening materials that I’m creating. I’m also very interested in spoken discourse, spoken grammar and the way interpersonal communication is realized through language. So I love analyzing unscripted speech, which is why I work in company teaching Business English. Finally, I’m very interested in brain-friendly ways to present and memorize information – mind maps, mnemonics and the like. Did I forget anything? Probably yes! But it’s all there on my blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂 Olya

Also, feel free to connect on other networks:
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email: olyaelt at gmail

  1. Yuliya Gamza says:

    hi Olga! i completely share your “slightly crazy” ideas about language learning and teaching! i myself always try to keep ‘upgraded” with all different kinds of strategies I can apply at my lessons!
    looking forward to seeing you on “shaping the way we teach english” course!)

  2. Hi Olga, I was on your site a few months back and I found a photo you’d posted of a tense review class where you had the board full of all the tenses, their uses and examples but now I can’t find it. I want to do something similar, could you point me in the right directions? Thanks a lot, your blog is a great help.

  3. j3ssm3ss says:

    Hi Olga, sorry for bombarding you with messages! I tried out some of your listening techniques with an advanced classes with mixed results, and had some further questions regarding your approach. Do you think yo might have time for a quick skype or messenger chat about your methods in more detail? Would love to share some ideas and see what you think.

    • olyasergeeva says:

      Hi, yes, absolutely! Could you add me on skype (olga_sergeeva@epam.com)? I’ll be online in a few hours, and I’d love to have a chat. Thanks a lot for your feedback and your ideas (I’m going to use some of your ideas that your described in the comments with my low level students).

    • j3ssm3ss says:

      Olya sorry!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing your ELT experience, so valuable!

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