Together with my husband Kirill Sukhomlin we’re developing, a free tool that generates listening decoding quizzes based on subtitled Youtube videos.

In March 2017 TubeQuizard became a finalist in British Council ELTons in the category of Digital Innovation.

Below I’ll post tutorials, links to the posts related to this tool and some reviews.


Below is a tutorial that explains
(1) how to use quizzes on
(2) how to create your own quizzes based on any subtitled YouTube video
(3) how to look for YouTube videos that contain high quality subtitles (i.e. subtitles that were not automatically generated).

Posts outlining ideas how to use TubeQuizard:

  1. Receptive grammar practice using TubeQuizard
  2. TED talks for autonomous listening: ten activities (one of ten other activities)\
  3. Slides from by BESIG workshop on using YouTube as a corpus of spoken English


By Jason Anderson, who was blogging live from the ELTons award ceremony:
Jason Anderson

By Nik Peachey:


TeachingEnglish – British Council



  1. […] На канале YouTube я опубликовала видео про TubeQuizard.  […]

  2. Elena says:

    Please, do something with the site! It does’ work. Nothing can open it. I am so upset as I’ve used it all the time with my students.

    • olyasergeeva says:

      Dear Elena, thanks a lot – this happened because of the blocking of Telegram in Russia, we fixed it yesterday evening by moving to another IP address. Could you check if you can access the site now?

  3. Sandy Millin says:

    Hi Olya,
    I’m always recommending TubeQuizard, and I had no idea you and your husband were behind it. It’s a brilliant website 🙂
    Thanks for your hard work in creating it.

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