SkyTeachConference 2017

Date: 18 March 2017

Title: Patching up listening skills with TubeQuizard
Abstract: How can we efficiently help our learners to understand fast authentic speech? Is it possible to help lower level learners with authentic speech, or should this work be left to higher levels? In order to answer these questions, it’s important to understand exactly why authentic speech presents difficulty to learners. The participants of this workshop will -gain insight into what makes listening challenging by analyzing a sample of authentic speech; -find out how to use free online services to address these challenges easily, in a systematic way and at a wide range of levels (we’ll be primarily looking at, which is a new free service co-developed by the presenter and Kirill Sukhomlin, and the functionality of YouTube which a lot of teachers aren’t aware of).

Two days after giving this workshop I was delighted to find out that TubeQuizard has been shortlisted for the prestigious ELTons award in the category of Digital Innovation! The ELTons are the only international awards that recognise and celebrate innovation in English language teaching (ELT). You can find the full list of 2017 finalists here.

Finalists_ eBadges for use on social media profiles

Materials for the participants:

  • You can find the recording of the workshop at the end of this post
  • The video we analyzed during the workshop and the slides are below.
  • The audio files that we analyzed during the workshop can be found here.
  • The TubeQuizard quiz based on the interview can be found here.
  • You can find the tutorial that I mentioned during the workshop here.
  • If you watched the talk, please leave your feedback here.


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