My mind maps for Delta Module One Paper 2 T 2&3

Posted: March 22, 2014 in Delta, Delta Module 1
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I’ve heard from two unrelated people today that they found my mind-maps posted a while ago useful. On the one hand, it’s great to hear that those notes are helping, but on the other just a word of caution: that post was written for a friend who’s doing a Delta Mod 1 course right now and the purpose was to share a strategy and a sample of notes that worked for me. It is in no way intended as ‘ultimate knowledge’ about the exam. I hope that people who liked those mind maps research past exam reports and create their own ones based on Cambridge guideline answers.

I am very enthusiastic about this particular way of organizing notes, though, not only because, for me, it is an incredible memory aid (provided that I recreate the maps and not just draw them once), but also because it creates a sense of clarity and really helps me to see structure in complicated data that is difficult to make sense of.

Here are a couple more of my Mod 1 mind maps. Again, I hope that they can be useful as models / for overall structure, but definitely no more than that. I can see now that the P2T3 mind map is slightly illogical, as the ‘what/how’ section seems to overlap with the ‘change’ section. Dividing the considerations into ‘people’-oriented and ‘backwards/forwards’-oriented helped me a lot, though, as the structure is simple enough to remember and use it when I glance over a coursebook page before a lesson, let alone sit down and put it all down in writing in ten minutes.

Please feel free to comment / correct / point out better ways to organize this material / post your own maps in the comments.


P2 T3 Sample mind map2


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