IMG_3080DonELTA Winter School 2016

8 February 2016

Session 1. Creating games with technology: a real timesaver

Creating revision games and materials that are tailor-made for each course book and even target the individual difficulties of each group would be a great idea if only it didn’t take the teacher so much time. Recently I have started using technology to successfully address this problem, which allowed me to truly personalize the course for every single group, and to involve the learners more in course-related decisions, at almost no extra preparation cost. The participants of this workshop will increase their stock of no preparation games, get links to the Excel templates I have created and get inspired to use technology to personalize the course.

Click here to read the summary of the workshop, and to see the slides and downloadable materials. 

Session 2. Teaching listening: frequently overlooked difficulties and practical solutions

Why do English learners find it difficult to understand authentic speech, such as films, even at advanced levels? What can teachers do to prepare their learners to cope with the realities of native speaker accents? We will start this session by overviewing recent neurolinguistics research into listening difficulties. These difficulties lie at the core of learner listening problems, and yet are not normally addressed in published materials. We will then explore some very practical ways to systematically address these difficulties in A2 – C2 courses using some easy-to-use free online tools and in-built functionality of youtube.

Click here read the summary of the workshop, and to see the slides and downloadable materials.